Recovery soft shackle 1/2

Recovery soft shackle 1/2" x 24" 33070 lbs RED


3" 26,400 lbs 10ft Tree Saver trunk protector Strap Green

Recovery soft shackle 7/16" x 24" 19842 lbs GREEN

approx. 7/16" x 24" (10mm x 61cm) AOB Recovery soft shackle with breaking strength of 19842 lbs (9T/9,000kg) IN GREEN
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Recovery Soft Shackle

Soft shackles are a safer, lighter-weight and more manageable solution than metal D or bow shackle alternatives when towing or winching.

AOB soft shackles are made with high quality dyneema for high load use with winches, recovery cables and 4WD. The ball knot is pulled very tight and it will not become loose.


  • approx 10mm(7/16 ″) AOB Soft Shackle
  • This tough Shackle replaces heavy, hard to open traditional D shackles.
  • Brightly coloured GREEN so it can be seen in low light or in mud and it floats if you happen to need it in water.
  • Has a breaking strength of 9,000kg (19842 lbs) so will be stronger than any D Shackle you have in your kit.
  • Light weight and won’t rattle.
  • Much safer than a traditional metal D Shackle.
  • Many are using these in place of winch hooks also as they're much safer.
  • Keep a couple in your kit for next time you’re pulling your mates out of trouble.
  • approx 61cm (24") long when open.
  • approx 19cm (7.5") as a closed shackle.
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