3" 26,400 lbs 10ft Tree Saver trunk protector Strap Green

Recovery Snatch Rope Ring 17,636lbs (8000kg) Red

Recovery Snatch Rope Ring 17,636lbs (8000kg) Red

Recovery Snatch Rope Ring 17,636lbs (8000kg) Blue

Recovery Snatch Rope Ring 17,636lbs (8000kg) Blue
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17,636lbs (8000kg) Snatch Rope Ring

AOB snatch rope rings are a safer, lighter-weight and more manageable solution than traditional snatch block alternatives when recovering or winching.

These Snatch Rings give you a 2:1 mechanical advantage in off-road rigging and technical recovery situations.

  • Use one ring to double you pulling capacity, or use multiple rings if you need more
  • Attach a Snatch Ring to a tree by a soft shackle and tree trunk protector
  • Use them on tight trails to assist in vehicle nose pivot
  • Used with a soft shackle to replace heavy, awkward and often dangerous snatch blocks
  • It is very light in comparation to steel snatch blocks
  • It is easy to store in your truck cab, doesn’t damage surrounding kit, doesn’t rust and can be used for in far more situations that a traditional steel snatch block.

These Snatch Rings are designed to fit SOFT SHACKLE and Synthetic Winch Rope ONLY.


  • Material: Solid Aluminum anodized in BLUE
  • Outer Diameter: 3.85"
  • Inner Diameter: 1.18"
  • Rope Running Diameter: 0.39" - 0.55"
  • Height: 1.18"
  • Net Weight: 0.88lbs
  • Rated 17,636lbs (8000kg). AUSTRALIAN CERTIFIED breaking strength of 24,250lbs (11,000kg)
  • Lightweight and won’t rattle.
  • Lighter, Smaller and Safer with No sharp edges
  • Much safer than a traditional snatch blocks.
  • Keep a couple in your kit for next time you’re pulling your mates out of trouble.
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