Engine & Transmission temperature gauge

Engine & Transmission temperature gauge to display and alarm engine and transmission temperatures
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Engine & Transmission Temperature Gauge

Why do you need a gauge to display and alarm engine and transmission temperatures?

Overheating can permanently damage your engine and transmission/gearbox. Monitor and provide early warning of overheating with a visual and audible temperature alarm you can set.

Standard temperature indicators sometimes provide engine temperature information. But if you’re focused on driving, you may miss the indicator going into the RED until it is too late and your engine or transmission is damaged.

Often standard indicators only measure the engine coolant water temperature. If your engine water is lost or the level drops for any reason, many indicators won’t show that the engine is overheating. You may not be aware that your engine is being damaged.

Most vehicles do not have an indicator showing transmission temperature. If you are 4WD’ing or towing a caravan, boat, trailer etc, your transmission and engine will be working hard, increasing the temperature. The temperature of the transmission can also become excessive during high speed highway driving. If you are not aware of your actual transmission temperature, you have no way of knowing whether it is being damaged by excessive heating.

This gauge allows you to monitor and set alarms for both the engine block and transmission housing temperatures during all driving conditions. The temperature gauge uses digital technology and has a full colour screen to display temperatures, settings and alarms. The display and settings can be in Celsius or Fahrenheit (option).

You can set SAFE engine and transmission temperature levels which the display will show in GREEN. By setting the MAXIMUM temperature levels, an audible alarm and flashing RED display will be triggered if the maximum temperature is exceeded. If the temperature is above SAFE but below the MAXIMUM, the display will show an AMBER warning. If the engine or transmission temperatures are below freezing, the gauge display will show BLUE. The gauge can also show the highest engine and transmission temperatures reached since the gauge was powered on.



The gauge dimensions and bezel conform to the 52mm diameter automotive gauge standard, so the gauge can be easily mounted in gauge housings or pods.

There are two gauge buttons - Menu and Settings. The steps required to set the temperature alarms, adjust the screen brightness etc are easy to follow.


Temperature Gauge Menu and Settings Summary

How it Works

The gauge receives continuous engine and transmission temperature measurements from two digital temperature sensors mounted directly on the engine block and transmission housing.

Each digital temperature sensor can measure temperatures from -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F). The gauge displays temperatures in one degree increments.

The gauge checks the measured temperature against two temperature levels (SAFE and MAXIMUM) which are set separately for the engine and transmission.

  • SAFE temperature. An engine (or transmission) temperature at or below SAFE is normal operation.
  • MAXIMUM temperature. An engine (or transmission) temperature at or above the MAXIMUM will flash a RED display and trigger the audible alarm. The alarm will also be triggered If the gauge cannot receive a temperature reading from either sensor. The audible alarm can be cancelled by pressing either the Menu or Settings button or can be turned off using the gauge menu/settings.

The SAFE temperature setting must be lower than the MAXIMUM temperature setting. An engine or transmission temperature in the range between SAFE and MAXIMUM is displayed as a warning in AMBER. By pressing the Settings button, the gauge will display the highest engine and transmission temperatures reached since the gauge was powered on.

The gauge display icons, settings and colours used are clear and easy to understand. One glance at the gauge and, if the display is GREEN, all is normal.




  • Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature standards are supported. Please nominate the standard you require when ordering or email gaugeinnovations for advice on how to change standard.
  • Two waterproof digital temperature sensors marked engine and transmission (blue stripe on the sensor) are supplied with the gauge. If you do not want to install the transmission sensor, you can set the gauge to display only the engine temperature. This is done by leaving the transmission sensor disconnected inside the junction box and restoring the gauge to factory settings once (refer to the Menu and Settings Summary). If you install the transmission sensor later, restore the gauge to factory settings again and the gauge will display both engine and transmission temperatures.
  • Replacement sensors or sensors with longer cables are also available by emailing gaugeinnovations.

The gauge has been designed, developed, manufactured and extensively road tested in Australia. It is backed by a 12 month, return to manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects.

As further enhancements become available, wherever practicable, gauge owners will be offered an option to upgrade.

The firmware, icons etc can also be modified to suit particular requirements. If you have a special requirement or a suggestion for improvement, contact us by email at gaugeinnovations.

What’s in the box

  • Temperature Gauge 52mm diameter, 47mm long, bezel 57mm diameter.
  • U shaped gauge mounting bracket for automotive style gauge pods and housings.
  • Power connector plug and cable 12v DC. Red is positive, Black is negative chassis ground.
  • Two waterproof digital temperature sensors including cables and connectors. Engine sensor ( 1 meter cable). Transmission sensor (2 meter cable marked with a blue strip).
  • Junction box to mount under the vehicle bonnet.
  • A cable (2.5 meters) with a plug at each end to connect the gauge to the junction box (normally through the firewall) 4 pin plug is at the gauge end, 3 pin plug at the junction box end.
  • Instruction manual



The temperature sensors are mounted using an existing M8 bolt located on the engine block and transmission housing where the temperature will be measured. It is important that a mounting point bolt for each sensor is used which:

  • Will provide reliable measurement of the engine block or transmission housing temperature.
  • Is well away from any other sources of heat such as exhausts, turbos etc.
  • Is protected from mechanical damage to the sensor or its cable

Gauge installation is straightforward. Only two connections are required:

  • One plug for power (2 wire, positive and negative)
  • One plug for the temperature sensor junction box (single cable to run through the firewall)

More detailed installation instructions are included in the gauge Instruction Manual.

Please note that due to eBay presentation variation the gauge screen colors may not be exactly as shown.

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